Upgraded my filter setup to lilly pipe canister combo

  • Just purchased the SunSun HW-602B canister filter and compatible glass lilly pipes!

  • Inside the canister filter package comes two hoses (compatible with 12mm/16mm lilly pipes that I purchased), inlet connector with valve and inlet/outlet connectors/spray bars customizable to fit your tank. But since I have my lilly pipes, I won't need the included spray bars and whatnots, just the canister connector/valve.

  • Prior to turning the unit on, I filled the canister filter with tap water filled to the top without it spilling out when I closed it. Then, I closed it off, attached the connector valve to one green hose, the other to the actual pump (bottom side of the canister filter) and attached the ends of those whose to the ends of my lilly pipes. Then I fired it up!

  • Here's a different view

  • Here's a photo a day later after I arranged the hose behind the tank and the water cleared up!

  • You can find the canister filter here and the compatible lilly pipes here