The beginners $100 paintball CO2 system for planted aquariums

  • I've seen many posts and builds about paintball CO2 setups for aquascaping. But, I never found one that gave me a budget option (aside from DIY) and let alone all from a single website (Amazon in this case). Enjoy!

  • A. Regulator with solenoid; an electrically powered unit used to control and monitor the flow of CO2. B. Paintball tank; used to store CO2

  • A: CO2 diffuser; Used to inject CO2 into your water column (infuse your aquarium water with CO2)

  • A: CO2 diffuser B: Drop Checker; used to monitor the CO2 levels in your water column. Blue means no CO2, forest green means perfect CO2, yellow means too much CO2

  • A: CGA320 Adapter; This is used to connect a solenoid regulator to a paintball tank B: Check valve; Prevents water to backflow into the solenoid/co2 tank thus damaging the entire unit C: Bubble Counter; Measuring device for CO2 flow rate into your tank. Measured in units of bubbles per second